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Which Trading Broker to Use?

Choosing a Broker to Trade With

Choosing a broker can a daunting task. There are so many things to think about that sometimes the decision-making process can get confusing. The task itself needs to be broken down first into two elements being a personal choice and a general choice. The personal choice is related to how you trade in IC Markets Review. So if you are a part-time trader only being at your screen morning and evenings then you may want a broker that is able to give excellent mobile platforms. Conversely, you may have the privilege of trading for a living so you may believe the pip spread is a more salient competitive factor in your decision-making process. Whichever factors are important to you by reading on you will have some tools and information to be able to make the correct broker decision that is right for you.


The spread is the difference between the Ask and the Bid. This is effectively how the brokers make money. Generally, the less traded the pair then the higher the spread. If you have a pair with high volume in the market then the likelihood is the spread will be lower than others with a lower amount of transactions. The important note here is the higher the spread the more you need to make before you are in profit. If the spread is 3 pips then you start out the trade at negative 3 pips so you need to make this back to break even. This is especially important when you are deciding what to trade.


Finding a broker with a strong level of educational resources may appeal to you especially if you are a new trader. However, you may be a seasoned pro and not get any real benefit from the educational resources. Even if you do not use the educational resources it is still a good idea to find a broker who has a knowledge bank. This is because it demonstrates the professionalism of the broker. It is also a good idea to want to keep learning and brushing up on your knowledge and understanding is never a bad idea.

As part of the education offered online, some brokers also provide either live or web seminars. These are an excellent resource for meeting fellow traders or gaining knowledge from someone else’s opinion and expertise. Trading is a dynamic industry so a broker that provides an opportunity to continue learning by sharing expertise is definitely worth further investigation.

There is so much to learn in trading so having a broker that provides an unbiased forum for learning can be a great resource to help you become a consistently profitable trader. You must also consider information overload so if you know the broker provides excellent education then you may not need to waste time and possibly money looking for development material elsewhere.